We are extremely grateful to all of our clients who choose to work with us. We will always do everything we can to maintain the highest possible levels of service and delivery. We are even more grateful to those who have been able to take some time out of their busy day to write a few comments.

Andrew Bland

Accountable Officer - South East London Commissioning Alliance

I have  recently retained MLC Partners to recruit my VSM CFO post (£135,000) for South East London Commissioning Alliance, having failed to find the right candidates through NHS Jobs and all other routes.  MLC Partners were not a firm I was previously aware of but they came across with passion and enthusiasm when we met them, took a thorough and challenging brief, and we felt that if we awarded them the business it really mattered to them.  In the event, I have been more than satisfied with the process and their candidate reach in the market, and the thorough and professional approach they have undertaken for us.

MLC Partners have been honest, thorough and relentless in their pursuit of a longlist, from which a shortlist of previously unapproached candidates was produced, the shortlist was approved and we were successful at appointing to this hugely important role.  MLC Partners were able to assess our requirements of the role correctly and have been able to sell our organisation and role both passionately and effectively to relevant senior executives. They have been available at all times, and have kept the team at SELCA fully updated throughout the recruitment process. I can thoroughly recommend MLC Partners for any Band 9/VSM retained recruitment.

Mark O’Connor

NHS Interim Head of Information Services

I have worked as an executive interim spanning some 8 years now. As you can imagine, I have worked with many recruitment consultancies during that time, and there are only a  few recruitment consultants I have remained in touch with whom I  trust, and which provide an exemplary professional recruitment service. In terms of an entire organisation though, I have to say that in my experience one recruitment consultancy stands out, in terms of being an extremely organised and supportive recruitment organisation, and one that provides sound advice, and that is MLC Partners.

I am very impressed by MLC Partners. It has felt like working for a team who are on your side,  and they have worked effectively in terms of the administration and recruitment requirements that I have asked for on behalf of Homerton University Hospital. As such, I thoroughly recommend MLC Partners to NHS colleagues as a serious professional recruitment consultancy, who provide good quality candidates and readily understand NHS requirements.

Kishamer Sidhu

NHS Interim Director of Finance

MLC Partners was a pleasure to deal with, particularly when flexibility and an innovative approach was required. They were friendly, approachable and acted with both integrity as well seeking an evidence base to place me into a VSM director level position that had been difficult to fill, despite other agencies trying. There was a level of openness and honesty in their approach which made them a valued and trusted partner going forward. This was because of an approach which introduces candidates and clients across sectors. While in contact with MLC Partners I made productive contact with colleagues from my own area as well education, central and local government. MLC Partners helped not just in the placement itself but set up future contacts. I would recommend MLC Partners not least because they operate by forming strong, productive and professional relationships.

Tina DeBond

Head of HR Operations - NEL Commissioning Support Unit

Working with MLC partners has been great for us because they really took the time to get to know our organisation and only put candidates forward for jobs with the right skills and personality. Unlike other recruitment agencies, MLC place people according to their ability and potential helping us with some of our hard to fill vacancies. Since working with us on some initial contracts, they regularly call just to catch up and check on how their candidates are getting on; dealing with any concerns I have immediately.
It is brilliant to work with an agency that genuinely wants candidates to progress and succeed in their careers and work with organisations to find the right candidate, not just any candidate. Steve and Pete have always been professional, honest and reliable. As an NMNC framework agency, with a high understanding of the NHS and commissioning environment I would not hesitate in recommending MLC to anyone.

James Devine

Deputy Director of HR & OD - Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

I have worked with Pete as a client several times over the last few years, and more so recently in his capacity as founder of MLC Partners. Pete has, for many years, been the ‘go-to’ person for HR resourcing solutions, whether these be interim or permanent. In my experience, Pete looks to build effective relationships as a primary core to the way he does business, whether this be with clients or candidates. Working with Pete and MLC more recently, we have found that they take the time to send profiles of high quality candidates having taken the time to really understand what we have wanted from the person, and the expectations of the role. In addition, we’ve even been able to consider more creative solutions to some difficult to recruit posts, which other agencies have not been willing to consider. We have been very happy with the service from Pete and the team at MLC who continue to evidence a strong presence in the industry.

Shamoly Aaron

Interim Principal Public Health Strategist

Every contact I have had with MLC PARTNERS to date has left me feeling that MLC PARTNERS have a professional, proactive, refreshing outlook and one that truly cater for the individual. Both Josh McLeod and Theo Diejomaoh are extremely knowledgeable about client industry. I was very impressed in my recent contacts with Theo who went the extra mile (not experienced this before!) working all hours including Sundays to ensure I had the right information to prep for an interview, Theo was very attentive and reliable.  I recommend him highly as a recruitment consultant and look forward to our next opportunity to work together. Thank you Theo!

Mark Wall

Director - Communications Consultancy

MLC are a strange bunch – but in a good way.
My experience has been that they see me as a unique individual, with particular needs and requirements, and willing to do certain types of work in certain types of ways only. Rather than put me in a pile of CVs that they can send out, I have found that they have tried to fit their service around exactly what I need and have not sent me off for interviews or meetings that make their stats look good but don’t really help me.
I am very pleased with the placement I am doing through MLC and although I doubt they make much profit from me I appreciate the regular contact, advice and check ins that I get.
So strange, unusual, bespoke, specific – but definitely worth working with.



Candidate recruited into a Senior Estates and Facilities position

I just wanted to say thank you to Daniel Abrahams for his help in securing my new position. I have to say that the level of support offered by Daniel and MLC has been excellent. The regular updates, progress calls and briefings have been very helpful and at no point in the process was I left wondering about what was happening or in any doubt about the next stages.

It makes a change to be continually supported and treated like a professional candidate rather than a commodity. Thank you.



Trevor Richards

Chief Finance Officer - NESTA

MLC contacted me in 2017 following which they were engaged to recruit a Financial Controller for Nesta. This had been a challenging role to recruit successfully for during the previous 12 months with an exacting brief and personality fit being prerequisites for a successful placement.
Mark listened to our requirements faithfully and submitted a high quality candidate short list.
Importantly, he understood my instruction to only send cv’s of those candidates which he had met and discussed the role in depth with, and furthermore where he believed that only the personality/fit was the unknown variable as opposed to technical capability to do the job.We were highly impressed by all of the six candidates that we met through MLC and ultimately invited three very strong individuals back for final interview before making a successful offer on first attempt.
I really appreciate the commitment to Nesta that Mark gave and the quality of individuals that they presented to us.  We wish them all the best in their new venture and hope to continue our working relationship for the future.

Alison Hall

Associate Director – Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

I have worked with Pete for a number of years and always felt that he had a real understanding of business need and how to source the right candidate for me.  However, I only really grasped just how good he is when I became a candidate.  He guided me through every step of the selection process, thoroughly questioning me to get a clear understanding of my experience and abilities but also building my confidence along the way.  I was left with no doubt that if he thought we were not a match, he would not put me forward to the client.  By the time he did, I was so clear that this was the job for me but also confident in what the client was looking for I was able to perform at my best.  He must have got something right, I love my new job and they clearly love me….I’ve been promoted within the year.

Saj Minhas

PMO Leadership - Turnaround, Transformation & Mergers

It was an absolute pleasure working with Theo.

His customer focus is exceptional as he helped me with big and small issues, resolving all of them.  Theo is friendly, professional and very personable and I look forward to working with him again.

Steve Mason

CEO, RealWorldHR

Pete Marshall has a good philosophy that is simple: get to know the client, get to know the candidates and get to know the deliverables. He is to the point, genuine and will tell it like it is but what is most important is that he cares deeply about developing lasting relationships and doing a good job, from experience of delivering complex change in the NHS, that allows you trust his judgement. This company will be a force to be reckoned with in the future and as well as commending MLC Partners to you, I wish them the best of luck for the future.

Sally Wentworth-James

Head of Education - South East Coast Ambulance Trust

In November 2015 I joined several executive recruitment agencies looking for a senior management role that matched my interest and skills. I was particularly impressed how MLC probed deeply into the kind of position I was looking for, considered my personality and how that would match with a prospective employer. He was thorough in his approach, extremely amenable and offered appropriate support and advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending MLC for employer and client – a highly professional agency.

Ushma Patel

Head of Resourcing at Camden & Islington Foundation Trust

I have known and worked with Pete Marshall for over  5 years, and during this time he has delivered an exceptional service, one that is professional and respectful. Pete will always deliver high quality candidates within the timeframes he commits to, and ensures the communication between us is up to date and timely…. Pete has provided a number of high quality candidates all of whom have been successful in their interim roles in delivering key projects.
… His knowledge of the markets and the NHS is remarkable and always on point, and he often shares information that is beneficial to the department.

Dean Hambleton-Ayling

Head of Employee Relations – UCLH Foundation Trust

I have known and worked with Pete since I joined UCLH in 2011. During this we have built a positive and rewarding relationship which has culminated in Pete supplying a number of interims to my team during times of restructure, change and improvement. Pete has invested the time to get to know the organisation, the team and myself; meaning he has a clear understanding of the demands we face and the quality of candidates I require; which ultimately saves me time and adds real value. Through time spent together and a number of recruitment campaigns we have developed a very open and honest relationship; which I value and appreciate. I look forward to working with MLC for many years to come.

Jonathan Grellier

Portfolio Manager – Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Pete recruited me to my current post as Portfolio Manager in the Transformation team at GSTT.  As a candidate, my experience of the overall process was very positive and a few things particularly stand out.  From my initial meeting with Pete, I was impressed the depth of his knowledge about GSTT and his client’s needs – in this case the Director and Head of Transformation.  This was really important and gave me great confidence in him and the process, despite any initial reservations I may have had about communicating through a third party.  Pete kept me really well informed and coached me through each stage of the recruitment, giving helpful feedback along the way.  It was clear that his aim was to find the best fit between the candidate and the client and I really felt that my interests were being considered at every step of the process.

Sunni Morzaria

Recruitment Manager at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Pete has recruited interims for me and placed me as a candidate over a number of years. I have always found his knowledge about the market, his professionalism, honesty and all round customer care, to be of the highest standard.
I really appreciated the honest advice he has given me over the years, updates about roles and regular phone calls just keeping in touch.  If you treat your candidates right, then they may refer you to employers or be in position to need your services as an employer themselves, so keep on doing what you’re doing!

Richard Edge

HR & Workforce Consultant at Ara Darzi Qatar Ltd / Primary Health Care Corporation

Pete has placed candidates in my HR teams over a number of years and across a number of organisations. His ability to find the right candidate for me quickly, with minimal fuss, consistent communication and honest, pragmatic updates is second to none. Pete… believes in getting to know the client in order to understand which candidate would be the best fit and I hugely appreciate the time and effort that is put in to reach that goal as it not only saves my time but more often than not leads to me gaining an asset to my department.

Gemma Ryan

Interim Manager & HR professional

Underneath Petes’ larger than life character lies an astute ability to assess candidate skills and understand the culture of a business and what it requires. I have worked with Pete as both a client and candidate and he is competent, professional and committed to ensuring the highest standard of service he can deliver. As a candidate he also made an effort to understand who I was and what I was looking for in my next role, a rare experience in the world of recruitment agencies!


Karen Wise and Karen Denton

Karen Wise, Head of HR for GSTT Commercial Directorate, and Karen Denton, UK and International Resource Manager, GSTT.

We have worked with MLC Partners for the last few months as we sought to recruit to a number of posts within the Commercial Services team. MLC Partners took time to understand both the requirements of each role, but also to understand the organisational culture. They have taken a considered approach to sourcing candidates and we have successfully filled 6 posts, both permanent and freelance positions. MLC Partners have demonstrated that their targeting approach, ensuring that the candidates they present to us are a fit both in terms of skills and cultural fit, creating a seamless, efficient recruitment process. MLC Partners are now are “first point of call” whenever we have a vacancy within the team.


Carol Lenz

Associate Director of HR/OD at Camden & Islington Foundation Trust

I have known and worked with Pete for a number of years and his experience, knowledge of the NHS and networks are extremely impressive. Pete has always filled posts across all levels across my HR departments quickly and with high quality candidates.
He always shows a great concern for doing the job well and building relationships with myself and other senior staff within the department.
I would not hesitate in contacting Pete for any interim roles I have now or in the future.

Kyri Kyriacous

NHS HR Director

I have worked with Pete on assignments as a HRD client in the NHS. He is meticulous, hardworking and treats all his clients individually. Pete’s breadth of knowledge, experience and networks is extensive and his contacts in the NHS sector probably unrivaled. I am pleased to recommend Pete and his new company for middle and senior vacancies both for permanent and interim assignments.

Louise Frayne

Louise Frayne

Head of HR & Organisational Development at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to acknowledge the excellent work of Pete Marshall. I have had some rather poor experiences of recruitment consultants in the past, however, Pete has been exceptional from start to finish with my appointment to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health