We do what recruitment companies are supposed to…

Welcome to mlc partners

Interim and Permanent Recruitment Specialists

Yes we provide a solid and high quality service; yes we work way beyond what is reasonable to make sure you get exactly what you need; yes we are refreshingly well connected in the NHS and beyond. But…

We don’t do everything. We turn some people and organisations down. We don’t jump at any opportunity and send CVs around like they’re going out of fashion. (They’re not by the way).

We are fussy. Selective. Small and specialist rather than greedy and impersonal. Quick wins are not really our thing. We are in this for the long term.

To be frank we could probably be more successful financially working in a different way. And if our Directors had stayed in previous jobs they would certainly be driving nicer cars and going on better holidays.

But at MLC we are old fashioned enough to think that the way you do business impacts on the quality of your business. Our values don’t just matter, they dominate.

Integrity and flexibility. Honesty and determination. Caring, genuine and personal.

We design our service around you; we don’t expect you to fit round us. If that means your timescales are tighter than an Italian Tenor’s trousers or your paperwork has to be specifically formatted to keep the team in procurement happy, we can make it work.

In short, we are very proud of MLC and what it stands for. And we think that if you come and talk to us, you will be as well.

Our fantastic team

Pete Marshall | Managing Director

Sonal Chauhan | Head of Operations

Daniel Abrahams | Principal Consultant

Theo Diejomaoh | Principal Consultant

Josh McLeod | Head of Practice

Richard Knudsen | Principal Consultant

Sarah Doherty | Head of Central Government

Lara Altamimi | Business Manager

Jane Lucas | Recruitment Consultant

Shaun Lawson | Chairman

Pip Cox | Director

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