we pride ourselves on standing for something different

Temporary or permanent: if anyone can find the right person, we can. Collectively, we think we are probably better connected than Clapham Junction and Kings Cross combined, and have matching skills that put e harmony to shame.


When you need interim managers our approach is simple: we spend time completely understanding your requirements. Not just the job but the role, the relationships, the deliverables, the skill set and the history. What has worked? What has not worked? We will not just send you reams of CVs to trawl through. We pride ourselves on being selective: we only work with a small number of highly experienced and motivated people as interims. If we feel one of them can meet your needs, we’ll set up the introductions. If not, we’ll tell you and not waste your time.


If you need a permanent solution, we pride ourselves on not complicating things. For us this is not just about recruitment, it is about search and selection. That means everything we do is tailored specifically for you and set up from start to finish to deliver an outcome that’s going to work for you long term. After gaining deep insight into your organisation, your team and what you know you need, we may turn around and challenge you, and we may suggest solutions that you hadn’t thought of, but you can rest assured your best interests are at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

And if the route to meeting your needs is a different one than you first envisaged, then we can sort that as well. While we don’t want to appear over confident, we can give you expert advice and a genuinely unbiased opinion.

We are certainly not afraid to challenge assumptions and make alternative suggestions based on our knowledge of the market. So you may have thought you needed a five days a week interim staffer, but if we feel that you can save money by having a three day contract with some flexibility then we’ll propose it. And you may start off thinking you need a permanent person, but if we feel that a fixed term contract might give you more options, then we will have that discussion. Yes some of the things we suggest mean we make smaller fees, but if you get a good outcome, we know you’ll be back.