We are inclusive.

People are our business

They are at the centre of everything we do.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, candidates and our people to drive growth and achieve great things together. To do this, we work collaboratively and collectively, valuing the unique experiences and insights that every individual has to offer.

Our commitment to equality, diversity, inclusion

Everything we do is driven by our commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive working world.

We are a disability confident committed employer, proudly supporting a movement of change that encourages employers to think differently about disability.

We have also partnered with Ashby-Cooper Leadership to complete a 12-month ED&I and social mobility audit. This is our commitment to creating a culture of belonging at MLC so we too can attract and retain a diverse workforce. And we’re ambitious. We’re aiming for 4-star accreditation, which would be industry-leading.

We champion diversity of thought. We celebrate diverse voices.
We role model inclusive behaviours. We challenge barriers to equality.
We don’t know it all. We are always learning and trying to be better, do better.
We are changing the face and reputation of the recruitment industry.

An inclusive approach
to recruitment

You’ve found your new hire, so you want to keep them, right?

We help organisations to not only attract but retain diverse hires. How? By placing equality, diversity and inclusion front and centre of our recruitment process.

Job adverts and specs

Inclusive job adverts attract diverse talent. We make sure all recruitment materials use gender-neutral language, are accessible to neurodiverse candidates, are free from alienating corporate jargon, and are inclusive to people from all races, ethnicities, faiths, ages, socio-economic backgrounds.

Anonymous CVs

Anonymous recruiting combats bias. We anonymise candidate profiles to make sure people are assessed solely on their skills and experience, reducing the risk of conscious and unconscious bias. The result? Fairer and smarter hiring. Plus, you get the best person for the job.

Challenging bias

We check our biases. Every MLC consultant is trained to challenge bias – this means not only recognising bias but actively calling it out. Through regularly reviewing our ED&I policy and conducting diversity monitoring we make sure every candidate is assessed on the value they bring.

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You nominate, we donate

For every job we fill, we donate £10 to both the candidate and the client’s charity of choice.

2023 Charity Partner: Panathlon

We are proud to be charity partner to Panathlon for 2023.

Panathlon is a national UK charity that gives young people with disabilities and special educational needs the opportunity to take part in competitive sport

Protecting our planet

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are a paperless agency that encourages working from home, promotes eco-friendly travel to the office, and offsets carbon emissions through carbon reduction projects and planting at least five trees in the UK each year.

Social impact

We invest in future talent and emerging industries.

Our accelerator programme, Aspire, supports the next generation of business leaders by upskilling HR professionals, from all socio-economic backgrounds, to reach Deputy Director-level. We also offer a contractor ‘buddy scheme’ for large-scale interim recruitment programmes to ensure diverse candidates thrive in their roles.

But this is only the beginning. We’re currently developing a mentoring scheme to give talent from lower socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to develop skills, build confidence and grow their network.

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