I recognise my privilege. I am a white, straight, cis man from the UK. I have seen how discrimination against anyone who doesn’t fit this mould works. When building MLC, I was keen to create a safe space where individuality and difference are celebrated.

My drive to be part of positive change comes from two main beliefs:

1. It is impossible for a business to succeed if everyone within that business is the same. Companies thrive when they welcome and listen to different voices. A team can maximise its potential, be innovative, disrupt the market, stay current, and be the best in their field if they put diversity and inclusion at the heart of what they do.

2. Everyone deserves a chance. The thought that one person would not be given the same opportunities as another because of the colour of their skin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, sex, age or social background is not right. People deserve equal opportunities and they should be rewarded on merit – not who they know or how/what they were born into.
Anything else just isn’t fair.