Diversity seems to have become a bit of a buzz word and so, instead, I want to talk about the heart of MLC and the opportunities it’s given me.

I joined MLC when it was in its infancy because I believed in the company Pete was building. Since then, I have been promoted based on merit and hard work. I feel valued for the contribution I make, and I’m confident that I’m not just another number.

Since becoming a mum to a beautiful little girl, I am even more driven in my career and committed to being a good role model to her. I want to show her that success isn’t determined by background/race/sex but by working hard, loving what you do, and being compassionate to others. As a mother, I have not had to compromise on my career, because I have had the support to be my best self both at home and at work, which has been a revelation when so many other women feel forced to choose.