In 2011, fresh faced and just out of Manchester University, I had to quickly decide what to do next with my life and what a career would look like for me.

After deciding I wanted a role that was people focused, had an enjoyable culture and with earning potential, I followed a path into recruitment. I’m very grateful for the six years I spent at a large recruitment firm where I had the opportunity to learn the ropes and move up the ranks into management roles across two UK offices, before making a huge leap into the unknown and joining MLC in 2017.

Looking back, this was a bigger jump than I could have ever imagined. MLC opened my eyes to a new level of service and an appreciation for how a relationship recruitment model could lead to greater success, while also enjoying and having more pride in my role than ever before.

Fast forward another six years and it’s incredibly satisfying to see how we have grown our Healthcare division. We have an outstanding reputation across the market. And reputation really has been everything, especially as a growing company (which we still are) where every opportunity counts and we can show how much we care. There are many challenges ahead in the Health sector, but I am excited to continue developing deep and meaningful relationships with my network to help overcome these sustainably and effectively.