I joined MLC as a Principal Consultant in the summer of 2017, having worked in recruitment for four years at a large graduate intake recruitment company.

Working with experienced recruiters has been fantastic over the past six years, and absolutely enhanced my ability as a recruiter, focusing on a relationship-driven, humble, and high-quality approach. I’ve also been able to become a senior leader as an Associate Director within the company, growing a team in the process, which has been a fantastic experience.

Moving to MLC was without doubt the best decision I’ve made in my career so far, not just professionally but also personally. I was able to buy my first property at the end of 2020, and am due to get married later in 2023. MLC have been incredibly supportive, which means I can enjoy as much time off as needed in and around the wedding.

I’m very excited to see how MLC continues to grow and evolve over the coming years, and I hope to be a huge part of that!