Diversity & Inclusion

Facts and figures

I am a 35 year old white, single, straight, man from Coventry without any strong religious beliefs. I am passionate about the environment, people and freedom. I am proud to bring these values to MLC and create a safe space where individuality and diversity is our norm,

My drive to be part of positive change comes from two main beliefs 1) it is impossible for a business to maximise its potential, be innovative, be a market disruptor, stay current and be the best in their field, if everyone within that business is the same. Businesses thrive when they welcome and listen to different people’s ideas to challenge themselves and be the best they can be. 2) from my own experience, everyone deserves a chance. What individuals do with that chance is down to them. But the thought that some wont be given the same opportunities as another because of the colour of their skin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, sex, age or social background is not right. People deserve equal opportunities and they should be rewarded on merit – not who they know or how/what they were born into. Anything else just isn’t fair.

Pete Marshall, Managing Director

As a mum of two young girls I have often struggled to find the right work/ life balance.

MLC Partners is a forward thinking agency, committed to diversity and the individual needs of its employees.
Here, I am able to have it all – I can take my children to school and work flexible hours, without compromising my career or development.
I firmly believe that flexibility leads to great productivity and success and I personally could not be happier.

Rachel Blake, Business Director

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